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Track your aircraft RIGHT NOW!  
Research shows that 78% of the times the ELT fails to trigger as the plane crashes in water or the ELT cannot survive the crash.
Our flight tracking solutions are used to improve efficiency, ensure crew safety, reduce maintenance costs, scheduling, improve internal and external reporting and to support search & rescue operations.
The Falcon (tracking device)  
  Cost Effective:
  The Falcon has proprietary data-packing algorithms which ensure the minimum use of satellite airtime bandwidth.
  With Bluetooth™ 4.0 technology, the Falcon can pair with most laptop, tablet or smart devices. Apps and custom software provided with the system allow the pilot to send or receive communication, configure the system, and remain in contact with the base regardless of radio coverage in the area.
  Portable and Flexible:
  The Falcon can be used as a completely portable system, but can also be extended to use either an internal booster antenna, or an external antenna for optimum communication.
  An Alert button on the unit will immediately notify ground operations of an incident on the aircraft, and will automatically alter the reporting interval to a 30s interval to ensure maximum visibility of the aircraft by ground operations.
  Phase of Flight Detection:
The system will automatically detect the phase of flight during the operation of the aircraft 
both for helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft.
  The Falcon features GPS technology that exceeds the requirements for the Automated Flight Following standards; it is compliant with United Nations, ICRC, NAFC and other requirements.
  Events & Notifications:
  A wide variety of customizable events and notifications are available to you, including:
Avionics On
Engine(s) On
Taxi Start*
Taxi End*
Engine(s) Off*
Avionics Off*
  *Special logic is applied to ensure that total taxi time is calculated in the event of multiple stop/starts prior to takeoff or avionics off.
  When in the Cruise phase of flight, the Falcon can also be configured to report on certain events that might occur, such as:
Rate of Ascent/Descent
Change of course
Change of altitude
  The Falcon provides extremely cost-effective and easy bi-directional communication between the crew and ground-based personnel. With an unlimited message payload, the Falcon also provides an email capability with non-media attachments - this can be used to relay flight plans, booking details and other vital information directly to or from the pilots laptop, tablet or smart device.
  Flight Data Recording:
  A second-by-second flight data recorder keeps track of every aspect of the aircraft's operation, and can easily be sent back to the ground center as an email attachment, or downloaded onto a laptop, tablet or smart device.
Falcon Salient Features:
  Data reports are transmitted automatically on start-up, take-off, landing & custom defined fixed intervals as low as per second. Mobile
  It has an innovative Mobile Phone and PDA-based tracking application that enables aircraft owners, dispatchers and ground crew to know where their aircraft are from anywhere they have Cellular or WiFi connectivity.
Aids in demarcation of helicopter & aircraft corridors close to aerodrome
Used for monitoring solo flights of students at flying schools.
  Flight path reconstruction:
  Per second path of the flight can be reconstructed in order to study crash cases.
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